Women’s Hair Transplant

If you’re looking for women’s hair transplant in Istanbul, you’re in the right place. Hair loss occurs in women as it does it men. Our doctors had a lot of experience in performing hair restoration for women. About 30% of the procedures, they performed are for female patients. The main procedures include filling bald spots, lowering the hairline or restoring eyebrows.

Advantages of DHI Hair Transplant for Womens

There are many advantages of DHI hair transplant technique for women. The method enables us to perform an unshaven and traceless operation. Therefore, it is a perfect choice for female patients. Our doctors take the hair follicles individually and plant them right after the collection without opening channels. Thanks to this technique, for the hair transplant process, the direction of the hair and front hairline stays close to nature as much as possible. Consequently, you can observe a natural appearance after the operation. You can carry out the first wash at home as our doctors described. At the end of the first two weeks, the shock shedding takes place quickly. However, the number of patients who do not experience shock shedding is one in a thousand. Three months after the operation, the hair starts to grow thinly, gaining strength day by day. Finally, at the end of the 8th month, it visually gains volume.

Women’s Hair Transplant Cost

Hair transplant prices are not the same for everyone. In this sense, the number of grafts and the method are two primary criteria that determine the price of hair transplantation. 

Regarding this, women’s hair transplant cost may vary according to many factors. We offer a quality of service of hair transplant for women with reasonable price.