Unshaven Hair Transplant

The aim of maintaining more comfortable and successful transplant operations has led to various studies in the field. Unshaven hair transplant or hair transplant without shaving is one of the latest techniques in hair transplant. Especially women with hair longer than 15 cm are more than happy with the results. Therefore, more and more women prefer hair transplant without shaving to regain their healthy hair. On the other hand, men who do not want to change their hairstyle or shave their hair can also use this technique. However, the method needs a meticulous and intense work for better results. Therefore, you should be extremely careful while selecting the right facility. Experienced and capable hands enable more successful results.

Unshaven hair transplant

The main logic behind shaving the hair before classical transplant operations are that the doctor and the team can see the hair follicles more easily and the mobility in the planting area is more comfortable. It is not difficult to have classical FUE transplant for men who are accustomed to using their hair short. However, it is difficult for women and some men who do not want to cut their hair before the procedure. Therefore, unshaven hair transplant, which is a relatively new technique, enables us to perform hair transplant without shaving hair completely. 

There are two methods to perform an hair transplant without shaving. 

  • Regional Trimming:

Our doctors can transplant 1000-1500 grafts with regional trimming. We shave only a small part of the donor area, which is usually a rectangular area measuring 10*5. 

  • Completely Unshaven Hair Transplant:

Especially women with long hair who use their hair longer than 15 cm prefer this method. Classical FUE and DHI hair transplant are applicable for this technique. Compared to regional trimming ad classical FUE, it is an intensive and long-term practice. Our doctors analyze the eligibility of the patient to perform this technique.