What is transplantation with DHI method ?


What is transplantation with DHI method ?

DHI Hair Transplantation (Direct Hair Implantation) method choi medical pen is used. This pen is very thin, pointed but has a tip that can be inserted into the hair follicle due to its special structure. This pen, which has to be used by experts, the collected grafts  can be placed directly without opening the canal.  In other hair transplantation methods, grooving and insertion are performed in separate flights, while the process is reduced to one by DHI method and the patient is provided with comfort and convenience. Graft collection is exactly the same as the FUE method. Due to the thin tips of the choi pen and the lack of two-stage processing, more frequent plantings are possible. The DHI method lasts approximately 10-12 hours due to the individual placement of the grafts into the pen. Preparation, graft uptake and post-transplant care are the same as in the FUE methed, but the healing process is faster because the channels are thinner.

The DHI method continues to be used successfully with our expert who have been trained in using the stylus from the first day of our clinic.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages ?

  • Simultaneous grooving and hair follicle placement will minimize trauma to the skin during transplantation.
  • It allows for more frequent planting thanks to its slim pen
  • It is more advantageous because there is less risk of damage to existing hair in hair compacting procedures.
  • The patient’s recovery is faster.
  • It is more advantageous interms of scarring compared to FUE method. (FUE methods is also reduced to almost none with sapphire tips.)
  • It takes longer because the grafts are placed individually in the pen
  • Special pen cost are higher because longer duration

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