Hollywood Smile

A layer of white colour over your teeth that lasts a few hours at most is likely what you’ll get from these home products. They cannot replicate the technique and equipment employed in professional teeth whitening. Please, do not waste your time; choose the proper procedure. The Hollywood smile teeth whitening uses a much higher percentage of the whitening agent. Its performed through special devices and protects your gums while applying the gel. Home products and at-home treatments have no hope to match it. After the procedure, the upkeep of your bright new smile is up to you. Depending on what you eat or drink, stains can reoccur on whitened teeth. Best way to avoid this is to perform a thorough care routine and have a professional cleaning every 6 to 12 months. Hollywood smile teeth whitening is what you choose if you want your mouth to look whiter than a cloud on a sunny day

Hollywood Smile Before and After

Hollywood Smile Before and After After the procedure patients will see enormous improvements in their teeth’s look. Discolourations will no longer be a feature on your teeth as well as stains being no longer visible. The improvement of appearance from teeth whitening is not something minor. One look at the before and after pictures makes clear the great amount of difference a bright smile does. Disarm them with your bright teeth, get an instant Hollywood smile with teeth whitening.