Eyebrow Transplant

Every detail on the human face is highly important. In this sense, eyebrows are not only aesthetically important but also functional. The primary task of eyebrows is to protect the eye from sweat and dust.

Besides, we use our eyebrows to give non-verbal messages thanks to the muscles under them. However, eyebrows lose their youthfulness and volume in time. It is possible to increase the density and redraw the shape of your eyebrows with eyebrow transplant.

Nape hair grafts have the best quality to be donors because of their structure. The most crucial aspect to consider during the procedure is the angle of the eyebrows. Another element is the opening of the root canal. Grooving can cause scarring. In the transplant area, there are often 40-50 roots per square centimetre.

There are some reasons behind the eyebrow loss. 

  • Ageing: As you get older, your hormones change. Therefore, eyebrows may fall in time.
  • Nutritional Deficiency: Not receiving the right foods and unbalanced nutrition can be the reason.
  • Drugs: Some drugs attack the hair cells while they are treating the condition, and cause their hair follicles to fall out. For instance, chemotherapy drugs have this effect while defeating cancer.
  • Genetic: Hereditary conditions such as male-pattern and female-pattern hair loss are the most common causes of eyebrow loss.
  • Mental status / psychological: Stressful events and emotional shocks may cause eyebrow loss, although it is temporary.

Eyebrow Transplant Possible Side Effects

Complications in eyebrow transplantation are very few. Bleeding, infection and scars are very rare. However, you may experience eyebrows growing in different directions if your doctor is not an expert in his/her field.

Although recovery time in eyebrow transplantation is very fast, it is vital to choose an experienced surgeon to ensure a healthy healing period.

As a health institution, we inform our patients about even the smallest risks. Eyebrow transplantation generally has the same procedure and process as a hair transplant operation. In this sense, the success rate of the results is at the same rate as hair transplantation.

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